Under Armour Mouthwear


Orland Park pediatric dentist Dr. Stephen Heaney is an authorized provider of the Under Armour mouthwear collection. Most sports can be quite aggressive and damaging to an athletes mouth.  Under Armour has created a line of mouthguards that not only protect mouth's but enhance performance.  Our practice can custom fit these pieces to fit an athletes mouth.  While these pieces are protecting our athletes, we are also improving their strength, balance, and performance. 

Under Armour Mouthwear

Performance Mouthwear 

UA Performance Mouthpiece- this is a performace mouthpiece for non-contact sports.  Designed for your comfort level. 

UA Performance Alloy Mouthpiece- this mouthpiece is also for non-contact sports.  It is a piece which is ultra strong and durable for demanding athletes.

UA Performance Mouthguard- this is a performance mouthguard for contact sports.  It provides superior protection and comfort.


1) Decide which model is right for your athletic needs.

2) Make an appointment with Dr. Heaney, and our staff will simply take your bite impressions.

3) The impressions are then shipped to the UA lab, where they custom make the product.

4) The completed mouthpiece or guard is shipped back to our office. 


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