First Visit

Stephen M. Heaney DDS, PC - Pediatric Dentist Orland Park, IL

Dr. Heaney's pediatric dental office is designed specifically for children and everything is for their benefit. The entire staff works here because they love children, and your child will sense this.

What will be done on the first visit?

During the first visit, your child is introduced to the dental environment. A thorough examination will be performed, and the necessary x-rays will be taken. This all depends on your child's behavior which will dictate how much is accomplished each visit. Remember the goal is for a pleasant experience and we will adjust our approach specifically for each child. The results of the exam and x-rays will be discussed with you, a plan of treatment established, and financial arrangements made. Naturally, if this is an emergency visit, the immediate problem is addressed and the routine procedures are postponed.

Dental Cleaning

  • Fluoride treatment

 Oral Examination

  • Inspecation of your child's teeth
  • Orthodonic growth status
  • When appropriate, x rays will be taken to help estimate your child's dental needs

 Our staff also takes the time to:

  • Review your child's home health care habits and their eating and drinking habits.
  • Review of your child's health history
  • We will also take the time to answer any questions our patients have.  


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